“Delivering Passion to the Highest Standards”

It began with our founder’s passion and enthusiasm for beauty. He believes that beauty should not only be appreciated but also be enjoyed and perceived. For this reason, BIKA was established in 1975 as a company which manufactured custom wooden furniture.

BIKA focuses on creating furniture characterized by quality, strength, beauty, and durability. 

We travelled to boutique mills around the world to source the finest, yet unique and rare, wood to be used as the material in our premium products. Our product ranges from cabinetry, upholstered furniture, millwork, wardrobe and paneling. Subsequently, the company has grown into a group of companies comprising several subsidiary companies, each focusing on its own specialty.


Group’s Contract Division - Bika also have Contract Division that is responsible for handling B to B project of hospitality, apartments and other commercial projects both in Indonesia and overseas.

Works carried : custom-built furniture, kitchen system, wardrobe system, cabinetry, door and window system.

Having different companies within our group makes Group Bika capable of providing a variety of products, designs, materials and finishing.

We are proud to have built-up an impressive portfolio of clients by ensuring the quality of our products with the highest standard at competitive prices.

"Employing Traditional Skills
With Modern Technology"

Since its establishment, BIKA’s factory area has been expanded to more than 35,000 m², equipped with the state-of-the-art production and finishing equipment from Germany and Italy.

We begin our manufacturing process by selecting only the finest woods with fiery grain patterns and gentle textures. These outstanding materials, combined with our tradition of skilled craftsmanship and the latest manufacturing technology, create furniture of unparalleled quality.

BIKA’s craftsmen are masters of their trade, working finesse in wood like the finest artists. Their skills with inlay and marquetry, carving, veneering, and faultless finishing, produce fine furniture that are nothing short of being timeless works of art.

Committed to Being Good and Responsible”

BIKA aims to always meet client expectations while ensuring long-term sustainability of supply and helping to conserve limited or endangered wood species. For more than 20 years, BIKA has utilized only non-toxic materials and applied eco-friendly processes.

Boards and finishing materials imported by BIKA have very low emission levels, made to Japanese and European specification standards.This prevents formaldehyde being emitted into the house over

the entire lifespan of the furniture, as is the case with boards made to lowerstandards and with the commonly used, but internationally banned, MELAMIK or acid-curing finishing process

BIKA also uses UV curing, the strongest form of curing, to deliver high levels of scratch resistance with a very low use of solvent. Europe has banned the use of excessive solvent, as it is not environmentally friendly.


By adhering to international standards, which are far more solid than those currently applied locally, BIKA not only produces furniture suitable for export but also provides customers  in Indonesia all the benefits and environmental safeguards that can otherwise only be acquired through imported items.


“Quality That Will Be Treasured for Generations”

Throughout history, the furniture industry has relied heavily on wood and wood-based materials. Over the past 39 years, we have combed hundreds of forests all over the world, worked with various companies and suppliers, collecting only the finest raw materials to be used in our plants.

This mutual trust has enabled us to access unique and rare woods not otherwise available, as the specialist mills know that these special materials will be cared for and used in the making of a premium product.
The selection of materials is one of the most important aspects of our company. Hence, we search for the best materials, from solid timber, veneer, metal works, MFC, honeycomb panels, UPVC, and even our basic materials of plywood, glue, finishing materials, to the packaging. 

BIKA utilizes a wide range of solid timbers both locally sourced timber such as teak and mahogany solid wood as well as timber grown around the world.
  • American Oak
  • American Walnut
  • White Oak
  • European Maple
  • Poplar
  • American Cherry
  • Walnut
  • Ash
  • European Cherry
  • European Maple 
Veneer allows for a wider variety of species pattern making, as in marquetry and its ability to cover large area compared to solid timber. Veneered construction will produce exceptional and best-preserved furniture. Veneer is an ancient art, found in the Egyptian era– a wonderful testimony to its strength. BIKA uses veneers from all around the world for furniture requiring perfectly matched grain and intricate finishes.

  • European Cherry
  • Circassian Walnut
  • Brun Expressive
  • English Brown Oak
  • Ceylon Silk
  • Tamo
  • Jerusalem Elm
  • Maccasar Streaks
  • Macassar Wild
  • Chilean Mahogany
  • Nero Tasmanian
  • Nero Tasmanian Bees Wing
  • Tasmanian Bees Wing
  • Zebrano
  • Bolivian Pappilon
  • Black Walnut
  • African Silk
  • Hearted Sycamore
  • Figured Anegree
  • Novula Nero
  • Black Head

Vision and Mission

"To Enrich Life to The Fullest"

BIKA believes in producing objects that continuously transform the way people live as well as enriching their life to the fullest; not solely based on monetary values, but creating better lives through improved health, comfort, cleanliness, efficiency/convenience, and tranquility of the soul.

"Delivering Passion"

Our company’s founder started with a passion to create the best furniture in Indonesia, and this passion will continue to guide us in creating our premium-quality products. Our passions are: craftsmanship, materials, designs, as well as determination in finding the best solutions for our customers and in creating beauty.

The Team

BIKA strongly believes in investing in people with skill, craftsmanship, and talents in materials and tools, having their eyes and heart set on the whole production process, from the start to the end, in all aspects: engineering, design, and servicing clients.

We are constantly looking for people who pay attention to details, are results-oriented with excellent management skills. Our staff is what makes us what we are today

Jason Cheung

Group’s CEO and Operations for BIKA Contract Division

BIKA lives in Jason’s mind as a home of youthfulness /freshness, nature, and discovery. A graduate of Babson College in Finance and Entrepreneurship, he started his career learning about wood. His first job was working with the Coastal Lumber in the USA as a lumber grader; working in the forests to identify lumbers for cutting and also at a sawmill grading lumbers to be shipped to the customers.

Jason also had part of his career at the Coastal Lumber’s dimension plant, where raw materials were transformed into finished parts.
Subsequently, a university course in furniture manufacturing in North Carolina and a subsequent job with the US company Century Furniture concluded his formative education before he returned to pursue his passion with the family firm, BIKA.

Applying his knowledge and experience in manufacturing and engineering, Jason encouraged a major investment in machinery and efficiency in the company’s production system.

An ardent believer in BIKA’s vision “to create a unique quality product and provide a unique level of service,” Jason is closely involved with every facet of operations and finds a remarkable sense of fulfillment in the high-quality fine furniture for which BIKA is so admired.  

Karina Cheung

BIKA Lifestyle Store and international brands

Unlike other teenagers, Karina was accustomed to and enjoyed following her mother in trips to furniture stores and meeting with suppliers. Known as the artist of the family, Karina obtained her education from the Rensselaer for Building Design and the Rhode Island School of Design in Furniture Design.

After working with a US architectural firm where she focused primarily on presentations and conceptual design and notably renovated an entire Providence theatre from the design stage to furniture production.

Karina returned to Indonesia to lead the creative team of BIKA. Responsible for design, the BIKA showroom, and project management for hospitality projects, Karina is passionate in meeting, and wherever possible, exceeding customer needs.

Karina’s guiding principles permeates her approach and vision for BIKA brand and products. “We care and we are committed. We care about the service we provide to our clients. We care so much that we strive to build exceptional products. We care about our staff. We don’t just build furniture for financial gains. 

We build furniture that will become a part of our customer’s life. The furniture has to be good for them; not a health hazard. We believe in making furniture with passion; furniture that reflects the love, care and attention given to its manufacturing.”