Knowing the right way

Knowing the right way. We choose not only the best quality material but by combining best practices in manufacturing knowledge and design aesthetics, we are committed in providing the best solution and product offering for our customer.

Our group's commitment

Our group’s commitment in providing different product offering with different pricing placement gives complete solution to our customer with flexibility in pricing and products.

High quality brand image

Whether for residential, commercial or hotel developments, BIKA’s expertise and advanced technology delivers efficient production of the highest quality furniture with spot on timing and budget target.

In order to achieve this balance, our company continuously rejunevated our manufacturing facility by updating our machineries and facility to achieve both efficiency and precision.

Stakeholder's trust

Our customer put their trust on us to deliver what we have promised.
Trust is what we have for our stake holders to provide the best for the substantial growth of the company.

What does it mean by substantial growth? Growth in this case is not only monetary growth but also mental and physical growth of the company and all of its stakeholders.

Our customer is our priority

Our customer is our highest priority. We strive to deliver more than expected. What does it mean by giving more than expected?
To be able to provide what is expected or what has been purchased is the duty of a company.

But to deliver more than expected is an attitude of prioritizing the customer and this is an attitude that we cherish in our company.